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March 7, 2009

Some more tips on hiring a radio promoter

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There are many radio promoters out there who will be willing to take your money. They will do anything and tell you, the artist that you rock etc etc. Here are some more things to keep in mind

College Radio: College radio is relatively inexpensive, and will allow to create some good-looking charts and reports to show retail, press and clubs. Even we are doing high-level commercial radio, College should be considered for every campaign.

Faxes: A good promoter should include the faxes, though they are not cheap, as this is the fastest way to get a summary in a single-page of info to the stations, may be with pictures. (more…)

What to Look For In A Radio Promoter

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9 in 10 music business professionals are not good. Sorry to say but that is a fact. Promoters for example will take your money and wont do any work for you but will tell you that you are the best and that your music rocks.

Before you hire a radio promoter make sure you ask a few questions so you wont get burned. Making contact: Make sure contacting the promoter is possible on a regular basis. He should be reachable easily when you need them most.

Reports: Report is one important aspect you can find with well-organized promoters. These reports only show how and what is going on with your airplay each week.

Office: Check, if the radio promoter has an office (even a small one), then it is better to hire him.

Assistants: If the promoter is handling more than one genre of music at a time, then assistants are necessary. It will not be possible to call more than 150 stations a week, do reports, faxes, emails and talk to you when calling.

How does a Radio Promoter Get Paid

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A music promoter ensures that everything is in place for the band including backlines, rider, and accommodations as well as other arrangements. The promoter sets up sound check times also and runs orders of the concert. The promoter arranges support for the band.

How is a radio promoter paid? Deals made with agents and bands, and the popularity of the artist factors into how much a promoter is paid out for his work. Thus, the pay rates vary. Promoters in the Indie regions make less money. Proceeds generated from concerts is paid to the promoter and this amount once more is based on the popularity of the artist, the agent and band agreements, etc. (more…)

I work as a Radio Promoter

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I have been doing so for ages…to be exact 20 years. Figuring out what promoters do is something to consider especially if you are looking to hire someone to promote your music. A qualified promoter who is responsible for publicizing concerts backs music promotion. The promoter takes charge of the show. Like book agents, the promoter acts like an intermediary working directly with band members, concert venues, and clubs. The purpose is to arrange concerts for the musicians. (more…)

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