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March 7, 2009

The Radio Business-What to Know About Radio

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You need to keep in mind that radio is a business. Radio is a business! That’s right, a business, and a very big one for that matter. In general, radio is transmission of signals where no wires are required and which uses the modulation of electromagnetic waves with frequencies below that of the visible light. Although it was Nikola Tesla who first demonstrated the feasibility of wireless communications in 1893, Guglielmo Marconi, an Italian inventor, was the first to develop workable radio communication.

It has been a long time since radio was invented and things have come a long way. Radio is no longer just about the FM-band, it is about station staffs utilizing Internet including podcasting, mobile internet, on-location events, and FM-band to craft unique worlds for people that embody specific cultures and peoples of specific walks of life. This is a difficult to explain here and I will be talking about it down the line as well.

Radio is, after all, how they control the musical tastes of the nation. Can you imagine how quickly they will crash and burn by losing that control. Radio is also used to spread right-wing propaganda about French maids and agriculture. It is also used to eat fudge , but not to pack fudge. Radio is an intimate medium, an archaic thing in our visual age. There are no graphics, no hairdo, no cleavage.

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