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March 7, 2009

Some more tips on hiring a radio promoter

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There are many radio promoters out there who will be willing to take your money. They will do anything and tell you, the artist that you rock etc etc. Here are some more things to keep in mind

College Radio: College radio is relatively inexpensive, and will allow to create some good-looking charts and reports to show retail, press and clubs. Even we are doing high-level commercial radio, College should be considered for every campaign.

Faxes: A good promoter should include the faxes, though they are not cheap, as this is the fastest way to get a summary in a single-page of info to the stations, may be with pictures.

Emails: Thousands of emails come from every artist on the planet, being that be free. As most of the emails look the same, it is better to use faxes and phone calls, which make you, stand out.

References: A radio promoter who is worth to consider will be having a list of past clients. The promoter we recruit must have set up to work with indigenous projects for us.

Do your Homework: Most major label promoters are lying, as they are not the promoter in first place. Probably they were assisting in the office, or they were mail people. It happens most of the time, so it will be best to ask the artist directly to find out.

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