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March 7, 2009

What is Music Promotion

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Entertainment promotion involves people and actions. People known as promoters work hard to market and promote festivals, concerts, nightclubs, raves, etc for the purpose of promoting music and artists. Typically, promoters are contractors hired by bands and these people earn money from colloquially cuts or royalties generated by the music they promote. Their main goal is to promote artists and music for generating income.

More often than not, the promoter gets a small percentage or admission fees or door fees. Some promoters are independent contractors who rent venues for a flat rate or earn money from revenue shares. Some of the promotional methods involve advertising and making connections with the right people.

Promoters use guerrilla-marketing tactics to promote bands. This involves using a variety of techniques ranging from plastering posters on walls to fly posting. The distribution of handbills is another form of promotion used to promote bands, which the promoter will place the ads on windows of cars particularly in the entertainment zones.

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