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March 7, 2009

I work as a Radio Promoter

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I have been doing so for ages…to be exact 20 years. Figuring out what promoters do is something to consider especially if you are looking to hire someone to promote your music. A qualified promoter who is responsible for publicizing concerts backs music promotion. The promoter takes charge of the show. Like book agents, the promoter acts like an intermediary working directly with band members, concert venues, and clubs. The purpose is to arrange concerts for the musicians.

Promoters handle many tasks. In summary, the promoter is someone who takes charge and makes sure that concerts are arranged on schedule. Incidentals are arranged by promoters also. Arrangements for lodging and backlines for the bands are handled by the promoter.

Each promoter is different. A radio plugger also called a PR agent does things different than the promoter of music. What does a music promoter do? Understanding what the promoter does can help you find a promoter for your band.

Promoters should be responsible for handling Liase for agents and bands, making sure they agree on fees and accommodations. The agent must book venues on agreed dates and time and promote the upcoming concerts or gigs with the local radio stations, press, and so forth. The promoter must advertise for the band also by emailing to their mail list or even creating websites to promote the band.

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